Disparu, Mais Pas Oublié

I had the fortune of having Theresa Manchester stay with me for a few days while she popped into Buffalo. She's a traveling model and the last time she came around, she astounded me with her natural ability to be a chameleon. When she told me she'd be in town, I had to photograph her for this project I have been working on for a few years now. Also showcasing a flower crown made by the beautiful EPH_flowercrowns, more can be found here. A huge thanks goes out to my dear friend and fellow photographer, Nick Demarchi for helping me with this set.

"Disparu, Mais Pas Oublié" means gone, but not forgotten. This series actually began in 2010 when I was in my first year of college. I was working on a school project while a friend modeled for me. During our shoot, she had climbed up on a stool with a sheet wrapped around her and I just looked at her. An idea sparked from just this small instance, the aesthetic that the lengthening gave allured me to further explore this concept. When I see my tall girls, I see them as an extension of my imagination. All of my thanks and inspiration can be dedicated to my dear friend Erikka who hopped up on a stool that one morning and has had me working ever since to perfectly capture what I had envisioned in my head almost 5 years ago. Erikka passed away that year and I like to think that she's been pushing me along on this concept, if not only in my mind egging me to push myself harder. 



Erikka Paige 

"Rain or Shine, its just a state of mind."

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