Abandoned Sanitarium in Dansville, NY

I, like many other photographers have a peaked interest in going into places that I shouldn't. What can I say, rules make me want to break them! A few months ago, I took a trip out to explore an old abandoned Sanitarium in Dansville, NY about an hour south of Buffalo. The sun was shining and sure, it was still absolutely frigid but I needed some exploration in my life. We parked a ways down the road and then hiked up the hill towards the building which was harder for me than I had anticipated. We made it up to the building to find the stairs had been removed that led to the first floor, bummer. We walked to the back where a portion of the wall had given away leaving a big 'ole entrance for me! You just had to climb the rubble to get in. As soon as we entered, we were in the "reception" area. Now, I know it sounds like I may have freaked myself out because on most occasions I do, but we stood there for a moment and heard two large "BANG, BANGS." I immediately turned right around and proceeded to run the hell out of there. The person I was with agreed that it wasn't the wind blowing any doors around or debris falling. I was a bit skittish after that so we went to explore the few other abandoned buildings on the property. When we finally made the trek back inside, we mustered up all of our strength and went for it. We checked out every floor of the building and honestly, there wasn't a whole lot there. Most of it had been gutted and graffitied. The entire right side of the building was in some poor shape so we tried to avoid it for fear I would meet my most certain death. After moseying around and snapping some photos, we decided it was time to leave and also the fact that I could no longer feel my face helped budge me a bit too. I've heard that all of the Sanitariums equipment is located in the basement but there is no way that I would allow for a horror movie type plot to unfold upon me at my own doing, so I passed up on the not so tempting prospect. While this building had been a Sanitarium for most of its life, for a short period of time it was also served as a mental hospital in the 1800's for soldiers. Creeeeeepppppyyyy. On the bright side, apparently this is where "Wheaties" was invented! Well, here's a few snaps from my trip. Enjoy!

Sarah WintleComment