Athletic Wearable Art 2GO!

Gina approached me at the Nickel City Theatre Charity Gala a few weeks ago about her new up and coming business venture. She creates athletic wear that is not only stylish, but affordable. When we chatted, she explained to me how inspired she was by her community when she went to her local gym but faced an issue that many of her friends had run into: unaffordable workout gear. Her brand is all about giving you quality, comfort and something you wouldn't mind wearing on the go, not only at the gym. She also wants to state that anyone can wear these garments, young & old. Meeting and working with Gina was wonderful. You can tell how passionate she is about her business and her work. All she really wants is for others, just like herself to be happy, healthy and fashion forward all without breaking the bank. Check out her Facebook page to get more information on AWA2GO!