"Wanna see how fast I can run?"

This has been a hard weekend for my life long friend Sam and her family. I always love making the trip back home to visit, unfortunately this one wasn't on the best conditions. Although she isn't pictured here, Sam's grandmother, Sarah, was in this room with all of the family. A family I consider an extension of my own. Today she has lost her battle with cancer but I would like to remember her as the strong, influential woman and absolute rock that she was. Instead of remembering her being sick this day, let's remember Sam's son Ayson being awfully tired and cranky. Let's remember him perking up as soon as he heard the word "four wheeler" and ran outside with much excitement. Let's remember him asking me to watch him run exceptionally fast and honestly, he did run quite fast. I will remember Sarah with admiration and the love that she brought into this world that is one of a kind. We were so lucky to get to know such an amazing woman. Thank you for listening.