Kaedence's 6 month!

It feels like just yesterday I was photographing my friend's Courtney & Alex's newborn daughter. She was a tiny, wriggling little thing that couldn't keep her tongue in her mouth but was wide eyed at her new surroundings. Now she's made a trip halfway around the sun and the differences are astounding. She's self aware, smiley and just starting to get her balance. She can even hold her own bottle! I can't wait to see how this little family grows & grows. 

Kaedence Hart

Last fall, an old friend of mine got in touch with me to tell me some exciting news. He and his girlfriend Courtney were expecting a baby girl! We immediately set up a time to do a maternity session together where I got to meet Courtney. The two of them together made so much sense. Now fast forward a few months ahead and Kaedence is finally here. She's a sweet, loving, blue eyed beauty that I personally could not get enough of. You'll see why as you scroll down. Presenting to the world: Kaedence Hart Crane! 

Halloween at the Wintles

Halloween is a holiday that is taken very seriously at our household. My dad spends days in preparation to completely deck out the house with new ideas every year. He slaves away carving upwards to 25 pumpkins. He's been doing this ever since I can remember. We are always the first house on every trick or treaters list. That's half because of my dads intricate decorations but also half because we give out the best things! From baseball cards, to vampire teeth, to traditional candy all the way to beanie babies. My mom stocks up on toys all year long to have for this one night. Ok, enough bragging. We REALLY like Halloween. This year was Jack's (my nephew) first Halloween as well as his cousin Celia's. All the family came over as usual and like always, I feel the need to make everything into a photoshoot. Here's what our night looked like!