Eighth Addition to "Disparu Mais Pas Oublie"

Big thank you to Sarah Larson of Often Wander, based in San Diego, CA for achieving new heights for my ongoing series. Another huge thanks goes to Dylan Jones for orchestrating the whole ordeal. Here are two of my favorites from our day shooting at Scripp's Pier at La Jolla beach last month. 

Sarah Larson, Co-Owner of OftenWander in San Diego, CA

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah on a trip last week to the Golden State. She was sweet, adorable and over-all likable. She moved out west from Minnesota and has been here ever since. She started up her own business making designer candles, beautiful adornments and jewelry as well as other house wares. To check out some of her product, visit her site www.oftenwander.com. Here a few details shots we took in La Jolla one morning.