Lena & Laird Get Hitched in Eden, NY!

Where do I even begin! I absolutely love working with the Capozzi family. Last year, I photographed Lena's cousins wedding which was when the T-Rex made an appearance! (Go back a few posts to find evidence of this) Now it was Lena's turn.

They decided to keep their special day a bit more intimate with just close friends & family joining them. Lena & Laird's love story is a right out of a novel. Lena run's her own Juice Bar that Laird began frequently visiting after noticing the cute owner (Lena, wink wink!). He would not so subtlety sit in the cafe peeking from behind a newspaper to steal quick glances at her. He finally asked her out and that was just two years ago. The rest is history! The love that permeated throughout the entire day was indescribable. Within the cozy confines of Grange Community Kitchen in Hamburg, everyone was connected.

Let's give a big congratulations to these newlyweds & well wishes for time to come! 

Nick & Lisa's Wild Wedding at The Saturn Club

I have never seen more people dance in all the weddings I have shot. Nick & Lisa decided going against getting the traditional DJ and hired a live band to play for most of the night. I don't even know how to describe what genre they were, but they had the entire crowd on their feet! These two were such a fun bunch and we had the best time shooting their wedding. It was a little untraditional but thats what we loved about it! No seating charts, open dinner, art deco decor and the live band, I could keep going. At some points, I honestly felt like I could have been in The Great Gatsby (I think thats what they were going for, so job well done!) But enough gabbing, here's the pictures!