Jeff + Michelle's Wedding at The Westin, Buffalo NY

I met Jeff + Michelle just a little over two years ago when they contacted me to shoot their wedding. We bonded over our shared love of travel and similar trips to the coast of Oregon, gushing over its rocky seashore and lush forests. If I connect with anyone, it's people who revel in searching the unknown parts of the world. Together, they have explored the globe while being madly in love and just like rock solid couples do, they compromised with their wedding day. Michelle wanting that country, nature feel we took photos at Knox Farms in East Aurora and satiated Jeff's urban draw to the city with their reception being downtown. We had the best of both worlds and I am so happy I got to witness these two join together as one on their big day.


Ali & Keith's Family Session at Chestnut Ridge Park

This adorable family contacted me for some last minute family photos while they were in town visiting. And surprise, they are from my hometown of Utica! We chatted a bit about where we were all from and romped around in the snow. It was a quick session because it was a brisk morning but I had such a lovely time working with them. I love when worlds collide! 


Hollis & Tom's Intimate Ceremony

I couldn't be more honored to have been a part of Tom & Hollis's wedding day. Their vows were sweet, honest and straight from their hearts. The two of them truly found their other halves within one another and that much was apparent. Her daughter made a speech during the ceremony where she had said "Thank you Tom for bringing back my mom. I hadn't realized how much I missed her." Those words resonated with me. While it is absolutely possible to be happy and fulfilled being single, there is so much joy in finding another person to share those moments with. No matter what age, race or ethnicity you are, we all deserve genuine love.

Nick & Leah's Big Day at Kloc's Grove

Where do I start? Leah & Nick both have such large personalities, but together? They are electric. They were so goofy and more importantly, just so, so happy on their wedding day. Leah cried about 100 times (happy tears!) and made sure to make everyone else cry too. But how in the world do you top your groom running in for his introduction in a giant, blowup T-Rex costume? I'll tell you how. When Leah snuck a Smirnoff Ice under her dress to "Ice" Nick during their garter ceremony. I couldn't stop laughing for most of the day as I'm sure neither could anyone else. These two are truly one of the most fun loving couples I have met to date. I couldn't be happier to have been able to witness such a blissful day. 

Elise & Erich Get Hitched at Knox Farms, East Aurora NY

My oh my,  I can't even to begin to describe how beautiful Erich & Elise's wedding was last month. Thankfully I don't have to because my writing skills is not how I pay the bills! The entire day was really relaxed with an airiness of simplistic, yet beautiful aesthetics that Elise, I'm sure painstakingly picked out. Most of all, these two are high school sweethearts! Can you believe it? In attendance of all their friends and family, these two made a commitment to each other legally although it was obvious they had long before this day. You want to know my favorite part though? Their family has a little tradition that began 16 couples ago. Pictured below is a velvet Elvis painting that was originally given to a couple as a wedding gift. Now it get's passed on to whoever marries next! Each person signs the back and would you believe..... Everyone who has had this painting, is still married! Good luck charm? I think so. I hope Elvis brings you both a little luck and happiness, although I'm sure you won't need it! 

Heather & Carl's Wedding at The Sonnenberg Gardens

I met Carl & Heather last year for their engagement session here in Buffalo. These two are quick witted and most definitely perfect for each other. During our shoot, Carl was cracking jokes to ease their way into having their photos done. I could expect no less on their wedding day. I had such a blast watching them interact and really appreciate one another. Not to mention, everyone really broke it down when some N*Sync came on (I, included). The entire day felt so surreal with the majestic setting of the gardens which to my surprise and glee, were jam packed of picture-esque locations that we couldn't possibly hit them all. But I think we did a pretty ok job. Congratulations Heather & Carl! I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you two.  

I'd Rather Be Thrifting...

When I shot this lookbook for Second Chic, I was simply a customer/consignor from time to time. I would bring in my once loved clothes to give them new life. Since then, I have become a part of the Second Chic family. A huge support net of wonderfully talented women who believe in the ethical responsibility of recycling your clothes. Working underneath the owner and den mother, Annie Adams has not only been a privilege but inspiring as well. She built this business from the bottom up to now having one of the most successful consignment shops in Buffalo and now our newest addition in the South Wedge District of Rochester.  Our new website has just gone live, so please, go take a peek at what we're all about. Did I mention we just had a spotlight in the Buffalo Magazine as well? Go pick up one of those while you're at it! 

Memorial Day Weekend

It's always been such lovely thing to live so close to my family. Close being a relative term, but close enough for me. The Mohawk Valley has always been a coming together point for my rather large family on my mothers side. And thats because my ten uncles and aunts all grew up in this area. Now they are scattered all over the United States but always make trips back to their original home. On this particular occasion, my cousins Arthur & Shannon came down from NYC and my Uncle, Donny from Mississippi. We spent the weekend together eating fish fry's, checking out art festivals and barbecuing it up. It was relaxing, fun and just what I needed. In our small amount of time, we managed to get some family sessions done not only for my visiting cousins, but my sister Brittie, Kyle and my sort of brand new nephew Jackman. There is a cuteness overload here; so warning advised.

Heidi & Brad's International Wedding

Last winter, I photographed Heidi & Brad's small ceremony down at the Pearl Lofts. It was intimate and small but full of love. This time around, it was a beautiful warm day; friends and family flew from all over the world to celebrate their special day. It was classic, timeless and an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Did I mention there was a doggie too? Big thanks to Wilbur for his cooperation and cuteness. And also a special appearance from the biggest rainbow I've ever seen. Congrats to the happily married couple Heidi & Brad! 

Jean & Will's Winter Wedding

Every couple I work with is different and wonderful. Some are detail oriented and precise while others are laid back. I love the diversity of people I work with and couldn't be happier with how Will & Jean's day played out. It was sweet, humble and filled to the brim with joy. Congratulations to these two sweethearts, may the years bring nothing but happiness.