Lake Tahoe, My Second Home

I have visited Lake Tahoe many times over the past few years and the reason why is simple. My best friend moved there back in 2012 and I've gone out every year since. Two years ago, I went out as normally planned but brought my other best friend out with me to experience the beauty of this place. She became transfixed as most do and moved out there almost immediately. Now this is great for my two friends but terrible for me since now my two best friends live on the other side of the country. Last week I decided to go out and see them. It's always a blast but disheartening when I have to leave knowing I won't see them for quite some time. Here's some photos I took while exploring the vast beauty of this winter wonderland. Oh, and there's dogs too.

Sarah Larson, Co-Owner of OftenWander in San Diego, CA

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah on a trip last week to the Golden State. She was sweet, adorable and over-all likable. She moved out west from Minnesota and has been here ever since. She started up her own business making designer candles, beautiful adornments and jewelry as well as other house wares. To check out some of her product, visit her site Here a few details shots we took in La Jolla one morning.