Bridget & Matt Say I Do On The Lake

These two have quite the love story! They spent many years finessing a long distance relationship after meeting at a Bible camp. Their love flourished even more this way and brought them closer together. Watching their first prayer together was a sight to see, lots of tears, nervous shakes but ultimately a strong commitment to one another. Saying their vows along Lake Erie with all their friends and family to witness, we dove right into the party which was filled with so many scrumptious desserts and did I mention loads of dancing? The groomsmen were the ones taking the cake on killer moves in my opinion! A big thank you to the newly married couple for having me on their special day, congrats to Matt + Bridget! 


Alex & Courtney Are Expecting!

I was a photo making machine this weekend! Three separate shoots all mixed in with visiting family and friends from near and far. This was one of my favorites though. Alex is one of my old time friends from way back in the day. Our group of friends caused a lot of ruckus but mainly just goofed off through our high school years. It's so crazy to see him now; all grown up and expecting a daughter with Courtney. The look on his face whenever we talked about his future little girl was priceless. He's as much of a goof as he was ten years ago and Courtney seems to be just the woman to keep him in line. I'm so happy for you two! The countdown begins! 

Justin & Richelle's Fall E-Session

Let's talk about a small world! I went to high school with Richelle back in our tiny town of Frankfort about three hours east of Buffalo. Justin is one of my best friends cousins who was born in Buffalo. Both Richelle & Justin have since relocated to Rochester where they've built a life together. However, since we are all acquainted with each other, Richelle reached out to me about her engagement session. October is her favorite month (mine too, girl!) so we sticked with a theme of fall foliage and a little bit of spookiness at the old psych center. I'm so excited for their October themed wedding next year. Can you guess what month their getting married? *coughOCTOBERcough* So without further a due, here's the happy couple themselves! Thanks again guys! 

Nick & Leah's Engagement Session

Our time together shooting was short and sweet but it was nothing less than filled with laughs and love. These two were perfect at making each other smile and were genuinely super happy together. I can't wait to photograph your wedding next year you two! 

Nick & Lisa's Wild Wedding at The Saturn Club

I have never seen more people dance in all the weddings I have shot. Nick & Lisa decided going against getting the traditional DJ and hired a live band to play for most of the night. I don't even know how to describe what genre they were, but they had the entire crowd on their feet! These two were such a fun bunch and we had the best time shooting their wedding. It was a little untraditional but thats what we loved about it! No seating charts, open dinner, art deco decor and the live band, I could keep going. At some points, I honestly felt like I could have been in The Great Gatsby (I think thats what they were going for, so job well done!) But enough gabbing, here's the pictures!

I'm going to be an Aunt!

It's crazy how time flies. One minute you're playing dress up and crying because you can't go to the first day of school with your sister, the next you're graduating from college and now here we are; I'm planning my move to California and my sister has bought a house and is starting a family. I'm still in a state of disbelief that we aren't arguing over who stole whose clothing (okay, we might still be fighting about that). I've watched my sister grow and accomplish so many things, and now she's having a child. I'm going to be an aunt, which is slightly terrifying but also really exciting. I couldn't ask for a better family and I couldn't ask for a better sister.

Heather & Carl's Engagement Session

Heather and Carl came to me for an engagement session a few months referred from an old classmate of mine from college. We had a wonderful time wandering through Tift Nature Preserve, over to Gallagher Pier and then down to the new park along the harbor. And thankfully the rains held off just for us! 

Brian & Jackie Take Over Hotel Lafayette

Brian & Jackie are one of the sweetest couples I have met in quite some time. From the moment they did their first look, I could tell how in love they were and especially how easily they could make each other laugh. These two did away with most of the traditional parts of a wedding and stuck to the basics to ensure that the most fun was had. The reception got wild and I had an absolute blast being a part of their day. Best of luck to you both! 

Escaping to East Aurora, NY

I had the pleasure of spending all of my Saturday afternoon in the quaint town of East Aurora with a few of my friends. Living in the city of Buffalo has its perks, buts its nice to escape the city bustle every now and again. We found ourselves first at Aurora Brew Works which is a craft beer store that has a few wonderful selections on tap to enjoy while you browse their large inventory. You can find anything from a Bourbon Peach Brew to a Ghost Chili Pepper infused one. (Side note: I tried said Ghost Chili Beer and while I'm proud to say I could handle the heat, the stomach ache I could not.) After enjoying a few here, we made our way next door to the infamous Bar Bill restaurant. In my opinion, they have the best wings in the Buffalo area. All in all, we had a wonderful day filled with laughter and good old fashioned fun. Here's a few snaps of our day.