Lake Tahoe, My Second Home

I have visited Lake Tahoe many times over the past few years and the reason why is simple. My best friend moved there back in 2012 and I've gone out every year since. Two years ago, I went out as normally planned but brought my other best friend out with me to experience the beauty of this place. She became transfixed as most do and moved out there almost immediately. Now this is great for my two friends but terrible for me since now my two best friends live on the other side of the country. Last week I decided to go out and see them. It's always a blast but disheartening when I have to leave knowing I won't see them for quite some time. Here's some photos I took while exploring the vast beauty of this winter wonderland. Oh, and there's dogs too.

The Abandoned town of Sharon Springs, NY

One of the things my mother and I like to do when I visit back home (Central New York) is take our cameras and go exploring. Now to be fair, I may be a bit more adventurous when it comes to this than my mother is but she's a good sport. This time around we headed up to Sharon Springs, NY which was mainly known for its Sulfur Bath Houses that were once booming and full of customers who would travel far and wide to experience. Now whats left of the town is the remnants of the bath houses and one large hotel/spa. I've been dreaming of the day that I could go inside of the Adler Spa & Hotel, unfortunately this was not that day. We had a fun day regardless though, so enjoy!

Letchworth State Park in Castile, NY

If you've been in New York this year or anywhere with a television, you might have heard of how cold it has been in this neck of the woods. This week, we finally got a break with some 40 degree weather. We consider this a heat wave! So I decided to make the most of this spell and went to explore Letchworth State Park with my dog Otto & friends. The falls were frozen over and so was the geyser that still was spitting water out the top of this massive structure. Here's a few shots from our day!