Winter Mini Sessions in Central New York

While I have resided in Buffalo for almost a decade, I originally am from the Upstate New York. I travel there often, sometimes three times a month although sometimes less. It is certainly somewhere that is not only very dear to me but magical in its own way. Luckily for me, I was able to book up my entire weekend with some winter mini sessions back home. So not only did I get to photograph a bunch of adorable family's romping around in the snow, I also got to spend quality time with family and friends. You will notice a theme between these three sessions and it's crazy coincidence, (it's not the snow) but all three of these lovely ladies are expecting! Congratulations to Audrey, Brittie & Tracy on their new arrivals! 


The Woltz's Family Session at Akron Falls Park

I've known Raelyn and Hanna for almost 8 years now. We met back in the glory days of our early college years and have stayed friends ever since. I love all my clients equally but their family is just so goofy and such a pleasure to be around. We spent the day strolling (and sweating) in Akron Falls Park yesterday while everyone in the group made sure to make us all laugh and make us forget about the heat a little bit. Thanks again to the Woltz's for having me capture their beautiful family! 


Halloween at the Wintles

Halloween is a holiday that is taken very seriously at our household. My dad spends days in preparation to completely deck out the house with new ideas every year. He slaves away carving upwards to 25 pumpkins. He's been doing this ever since I can remember. We are always the first house on every trick or treaters list. That's half because of my dads intricate decorations but also half because we give out the best things! From baseball cards, to vampire teeth, to traditional candy all the way to beanie babies. My mom stocks up on toys all year long to have for this one night. Ok, enough bragging. We REALLY like Halloween. This year was Jack's (my nephew) first Halloween as well as his cousin Celia's. All the family came over as usual and like always, I feel the need to make everything into a photoshoot. Here's what our night looked like! 

Memorial Day Weekend

It's always been such lovely thing to live so close to my family. Close being a relative term, but close enough for me. The Mohawk Valley has always been a coming together point for my rather large family on my mothers side. And thats because my ten uncles and aunts all grew up in this area. Now they are scattered all over the United States but always make trips back to their original home. On this particular occasion, my cousins Arthur & Shannon came down from NYC and my Uncle, Donny from Mississippi. We spent the weekend together eating fish fry's, checking out art festivals and barbecuing it up. It was relaxing, fun and just what I needed. In our small amount of time, we managed to get some family sessions done not only for my visiting cousins, but my sister Brittie, Kyle and my sort of brand new nephew Jackman. There is a cuteness overload here; so warning advised.

Ashley, Patrick, Hank & Bernie's Lifestyle Shoot

Working with Ashley's family and friends over the past month has been so great and honestly a ton of fun. First with FarmFest, then Nick & Lisa's wedding and now their own family session. They really liked the candid work I do and wanted to emulate that through this session so we chose to go the route of a lifestyle shoot. Basically we all just go to hang out and play with Little Hank and the cutest golden, Bernie. Also, I can't stand how stinkin' cute Hank is. But I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Here's the Lewis's!

"Wanna see how fast I can run?"

This has been a hard weekend for my life long friend Sam and her family. I always love making the trip back home to visit, unfortunately this one wasn't on the best conditions. Although she isn't pictured here, Sam's grandmother, Sarah, was in this room with all of the family. A family I consider an extension of my own. Today she has lost her battle with cancer but I would like to remember her as the strong, influential woman and absolute rock that she was. Instead of remembering her being sick this day, let's remember Sam's son Ayson being awfully tired and cranky. Let's remember him perking up as soon as he heard the word "four wheeler" and ran outside with much excitement. Let's remember him asking me to watch him run exceptionally fast and honestly, he did run quite fast. I will remember Sarah with admiration and the love that she brought into this world that is one of a kind. We were so lucky to get to know such an amazing woman. Thank you for listening.

I'm going to be an Aunt!

It's crazy how time flies. One minute you're playing dress up and crying because you can't go to the first day of school with your sister, the next you're graduating from college and now here we are; I'm planning my move to California and my sister has bought a house and is starting a family. I'm still in a state of disbelief that we aren't arguing over who stole whose clothing (okay, we might still be fighting about that). I've watched my sister grow and accomplish so many things, and now she's having a child. I'm going to be an aunt, which is slightly terrifying but also really exciting. I couldn't ask for a better family and I couldn't ask for a better sister.

Winter in San Diego

Earlier this month, I took a trip out to San Diego in hopes of escaping negative -20 temps as well as doing some research about a possible move. While I was there, I got to eat, drink and explore. All three things that I love. During my visit, each day was convincing me more and more to take the plunge and call it my new home. My cousins Dylan & Kristi were wonderful hosts and showed me the ins and outs of the city. Here are a few snaps from our escapades.