Escaping to East Aurora, NY

I had the pleasure of spending all of my Saturday afternoon in the quaint town of East Aurora with a few of my friends. Living in the city of Buffalo has its perks, buts its nice to escape the city bustle every now and again. We found ourselves first at Aurora Brew Works which is a craft beer store that has a few wonderful selections on tap to enjoy while you browse their large inventory. You can find anything from a Bourbon Peach Brew to a Ghost Chili Pepper infused one. (Side note: I tried said Ghost Chili Beer and while I'm proud to say I could handle the heat, the stomach ache I could not.) After enjoying a few here, we made our way next door to the infamous Bar Bill restaurant. In my opinion, they have the best wings in the Buffalo area. All in all, we had a wonderful day filled with laughter and good old fashioned fun. Here's a few snaps of our day. 


Letchworth State Park in Castile, NY

If you've been in New York this year or anywhere with a television, you might have heard of how cold it has been in this neck of the woods. This week, we finally got a break with some 40 degree weather. We consider this a heat wave! So I decided to make the most of this spell and went to explore Letchworth State Park with my dog Otto & friends. The falls were frozen over and so was the geyser that still was spitting water out the top of this massive structure. Here's a few shots from our day!