Lauren & Wouter's Woodsy Wedding Retreat at Rosebud Estates

Lauren & Wouter had family come for their celebration far and wide to this beautiful estate tucked away in the woods of Arcade, NY. Surrounded by friends and family, these two vowed to spend the rest of their lives together dedicated to a life full of fun, travel and adventure. This venue was magnificently gorgeous but what had the bride most excited was the baby goats! With a barn just large enough to hold all of their loved ones, they danced the night away arm in arm. A huge congrats is due to the new couple on their next big chapter in life together! 


Grace & Rich's wedding at the Saturn Club

These two really made the end of my season an absolute pleasure. Rich & Grace are both very humble and kind hearted. Their love for each other wasn't boastful but swept through the room like a gentle breeze. There were no big events or loud gestures, just a simple ceremony with a small group of friends and family to witness one of the best days of their lives. I had such a wonderful time capturing the natural charisma of these two and I couldn't hide the excitement on my face when I found out there was a make your own sundae bar. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth that I won't be ashamed of! Thank you again Grace & Rich for having me on your special day! 

Nick & Leah's Big Day at Kloc's Grove

Where do I start? Leah & Nick both have such large personalities, but together? They are electric. They were so goofy and more importantly, just so, so happy on their wedding day. Leah cried about 100 times (happy tears!) and made sure to make everyone else cry too. But how in the world do you top your groom running in for his introduction in a giant, blowup T-Rex costume? I'll tell you how. When Leah snuck a Smirnoff Ice under her dress to "Ice" Nick during their garter ceremony. I couldn't stop laughing for most of the day as I'm sure neither could anyone else. These two are truly one of the most fun loving couples I have met to date. I couldn't be happier to have been able to witness such a blissful day. 

Rick & Veronica Get Hitched!

I did Rick & Veronica's engagement session last year at Chestnut Ridge and immediately could tell how close they were. They so graciously had me back for not only their first wedding; thats right, they had two! The amount of details and DIY put into this rustic yet elegant wedding at Knox Farms was truly fantastic. Throughout the day, neither of them could keep the smile from beaming off their faces; even if it was 90 degrees. But don't worry, they supplied us all with Freeze Pops to cool down. From the horse drive carriage rides to the surprise fireworks off in the distance, this was truly a night to remember. Thanks for having me be a part of it! Congrats to you two! 

Heather & Carl's Wedding at The Sonnenberg Gardens

I met Carl & Heather last year for their engagement session here in Buffalo. These two are quick witted and most definitely perfect for each other. During our shoot, Carl was cracking jokes to ease their way into having their photos done. I could expect no less on their wedding day. I had such a blast watching them interact and really appreciate one another. Not to mention, everyone really broke it down when some N*Sync came on (I, included). The entire day felt so surreal with the majestic setting of the gardens which to my surprise and glee, were jam packed of picture-esque locations that we couldn't possibly hit them all. But I think we did a pretty ok job. Congratulations Heather & Carl! I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you two.  

Heidi & Brad's International Wedding

Last winter, I photographed Heidi & Brad's small ceremony down at the Pearl Lofts. It was intimate and small but full of love. This time around, it was a beautiful warm day; friends and family flew from all over the world to celebrate their special day. It was classic, timeless and an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Did I mention there was a doggie too? Big thanks to Wilbur for his cooperation and cuteness. And also a special appearance from the biggest rainbow I've ever seen. Congrats to the happily married couple Heidi & Brad! 

Emily & Tyler's Big Day

It's always so wonderful when I get to photograph friend's weddings. Not only am I helping capture the beauty of this day but I get to have a little fun with them too. Surrounded by the love of friends and family, we watched Emily & Tyler renew their vows to each other. The day from start to finish was fun, easy going and mostly; heart warming. Thank you again to the newly (sorta) married for giving me the privilege of being there for your day! See you later tonight for Game of Thrones! ;)

Jean & Will's Winter Wedding

Every couple I work with is different and wonderful. Some are detail oriented and precise while others are laid back. I love the diversity of people I work with and couldn't be happier with how Will & Jean's day played out. It was sweet, humble and filled to the brim with joy. Congratulations to these two sweethearts, may the years bring nothing but happiness.

Veronica & Rick's E-Session at Chestnut Ridge

You know when you just click with people? Thats how it was when I first met Rick & Veronica just four days ago. We had a quick consultation over coffee and I think we both knew we were a great fit to work together. These two wanted to get some wonderful fall foliage engagement photos in, so we dived right in the following Sunday. The weather was a bit windy but all in all, it ended up being a gorgeous day. Take a peek to see more from our day down below! 


The Brant's Elope!

Jessie & Brian are one of the cutest couples I have met. Also quite possibly the funnest too. They had so many people there who love and support them, it was magical to witness. They broke it down on the dance floor and literally cleared out the bar at Saranac Brewery. Congrats to these two and I wish them many happy years together.