Delilah Dynamite from The Stripteasers

While I enjoy shooting weddings and engagements, I love when I get to really get to express my creative side. Delilah is a burlesque dancer and is a part of the group called The StripteasersI actually saw them perform before she came to me about setting up a shoot. They are vivacious, enchanting and down right great performers. I had an absolute blast during this set and can't wait for our second session. Here's just a few teasers for you! 

Buffalo Haze

I think we were all a little entranced last Friday when the city was completely engulfed in this fog that made it almost impossible to see ten feet in front of you. It was other worldly, almost as if you had stepped into another realm. Well, at least it was that way for me. My imagination tends to run a bit wild. Overall, I think all of the WNY photographers could unanimously agree that this was like a dream to photograph in, so you better believe I took full advantage. Here's our foggy city at its finest!