Kaedence Hart

Last fall, an old friend of mine got in touch with me to tell me some exciting news. He and his girlfriend Courtney were expecting a baby girl! We immediately set up a time to do a maternity session together where I got to meet Courtney. The two of them together made so much sense. Now fast forward a few months ahead and Kaedence is finally here. She's a sweet, loving, blue eyed beauty that I personally could not get enough of. You'll see why as you scroll down. Presenting to the world: Kaedence Hart Crane! 

The Pierces & A Baby!

Sara is one of my very best friends. We met in summer camp back in 1999, ultimately ended up going to the same middle school and then graduated together. We've been through it all; fights, tears, tears from laughter and maybe a little more fighting. What can I say, we fight like sisters. Along this ride has been her family which I have adopted as my second family. Sorry guys, you had no choice in it all. Now I have a niece, Quinn who was born on the other side of the country. I finally got to meet her this weekend and she's literally the most quiet baby I have ever met. A baby after my own heart. Unfortunately they will be headed back to California as of tomorrow but that just means I'll have to pack my suitcase for my annual Lake Tahoe trip. Here's some shots of our day at Brantingham Lake and our venture to Fly Creek Cider Mill. BTW, if you haven't been there; what are you waiting for?!