The Alcorn's Galavant at Tifft Nature Preserve

I've known Ana for awhile in that weird way you know people in 2017; the internet. I've seen her family grow and blossom over these few years and was excited when we decided to work together. Harrison, like all three year olds was a ball of contagious energy while his sister Sofia likes to sit back and observe. They seem to have found a balance between the four of them, fitting ever so perfectly together as one unit. Thank you for letting me capture these little glimpses into your beautiful family life Ana & Nick! 


Ashley, Patrick, Hank & Bernie's Lifestyle Shoot

Working with Ashley's family and friends over the past month has been so great and honestly a ton of fun. First with FarmFest, then Nick & Lisa's wedding and now their own family session. They really liked the candid work I do and wanted to emulate that through this session so we chose to go the route of a lifestyle shoot. Basically we all just go to hang out and play with Little Hank and the cutest golden, Bernie. Also, I can't stand how stinkin' cute Hank is. But I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Here's the Lewis's!