Ashley, Patrick, Hank & Bernie's Lifestyle Shoot

Working with Ashley's family and friends over the past month has been so great and honestly a ton of fun. First with FarmFest, then Nick & Lisa's wedding and now their own family session. They really liked the candid work I do and wanted to emulate that through this session so we chose to go the route of a lifestyle shoot. Basically we all just go to hang out and play with Little Hank and the cutest golden, Bernie. Also, I can't stand how stinkin' cute Hank is. But I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Here's the Lewis's!

Nick & Leah's Engagement Session

Our time together shooting was short and sweet but it was nothing less than filled with laughs and love. These two were perfect at making each other smile and were genuinely super happy together. I can't wait to photograph your wedding next year you two! 

The Auxiliary Wedding Celebration!

I was so honored to be able to photograph Jenny & Mike's big day. And if there's anyone who can blow aesthetics out of the water, Jenny is your girl. She and Mike both run Auxiliary Magazine, which I have also had the special honor of being featured in over the years that Jenny and I have worked together and formed a friendship. Everything about this day was perfect, down from the delicate flowers strung throughout her hair, from the handmade screen prints for their tables, all the way to the magnificent cake. Even the music was distinctly theirs and unlike so many other weddings. I can't thank those two enough for letting me be in charge of such a large task and also for allowing me to witness seeing you two marry, who are truly, very in love. Congrats!

"Wanna see how fast I can run?"

This has been a hard weekend for my life long friend Sam and her family. I always love making the trip back home to visit, unfortunately this one wasn't on the best conditions. Although she isn't pictured here, Sam's grandmother, Sarah, was in this room with all of the family. A family I consider an extension of my own. Today she has lost her battle with cancer but I would like to remember her as the strong, influential woman and absolute rock that she was. Instead of remembering her being sick this day, let's remember Sam's son Ayson being awfully tired and cranky. Let's remember him perking up as soon as he heard the word "four wheeler" and ran outside with much excitement. Let's remember him asking me to watch him run exceptionally fast and honestly, he did run quite fast. I will remember Sarah with admiration and the love that she brought into this world that is one of a kind. We were so lucky to get to know such an amazing woman. Thank you for listening.

Brian & Jackie Take Over Hotel Lafayette

Brian & Jackie are one of the sweetest couples I have met in quite some time. From the moment they did their first look, I could tell how in love they were and especially how easily they could make each other laugh. These two did away with most of the traditional parts of a wedding and stuck to the basics to ensure that the most fun was had. The reception got wild and I had an absolute blast being a part of their day. Best of luck to you both! 

Joe & Allison Become One!

The moment I met Joe & Allison, I could tell they were very kind hearted and desperately head over heels with each other. Being able to witness their shared happiness on this day was uplifting and joyous. I wish you two all the best and many years to come!