Victoria & Steve Get Hitched at Rosebud Estates

What a wonderful way to wind down the end of my wedding season! Not only did these girls have me cracking up all morning while they got ready but we weathered the storm together. Literally! Although it rained during their ceremony, the trees canopied above us while loved ones huddled close under umbrellas as Steve & Victoria read their vows. To keep warm, friends and family danced, and they danced hard! With an array of amazing desserts to choose from such as fluffer-nutter cupcakes or apple cider and fresh donuts, everyone was full and happy. A huge congratulations is in order for these two! Thank you for trusting my vision.


Serena, Pedro & Chrissy's Commitment Ceremony at Esposita Bonita Estates.

Serena got in touch with me a few weeks before her wedding in desperate search for a photographer. Thankfully, I had her date open! We met at her cozy gallery in West Seneca and decided we would be a great fit.

A little back story, Chrissy & Pedro married 18 years ago (holy moly!) and have lived happily ever after since. They started a family while Pedro ran his tattoo shop, Eternal Ink and Chrissy pursued her love of baking. During this time about 6 years ago, Serena came to work in their shop and as cheesy as it sounds, the rest was history. They have six beautiful children together and the love that radiates between their family is unmistakable. Being able to witness their friends and family join together to celebrate their union was truly special and I am humbled to have been a part of their big day. Congratulations to you all on finding love, no matter what shape or size it comes in! 


Lena & Laird Get Hitched in Eden, NY!

Where do I even begin! I absolutely love working with the Capozzi family. Last year, I photographed Lena's cousins wedding which was when the T-Rex made an appearance! (Go back a few posts to find evidence of this) Now it was Lena's turn.

They decided to keep their special day a bit more intimate with just close friends & family joining them. Lena & Laird's love story is a right out of a novel. Lena run's her own Juice Bar that Laird began frequently visiting after noticing the cute owner (Lena, wink wink!). He would not so subtlety sit in the cafe peeking from behind a newspaper to steal quick glances at her. He finally asked her out and that was just two years ago. The rest is history! The love that permeated throughout the entire day was indescribable. Within the cozy confines of Grange Community Kitchen in Hamburg, everyone was connected.

Let's give a big congratulations to these newlyweds & well wishes for time to come! 

Kira & Garrett's International Wedding at Spring Garden in East Aurora, NY

Where do I even start?! Not only was this wedding absolutely awesome in hundreds of different ways but Kira & Garrett happen to be my landlords too! I hadn't realized that these two are truly world travelers. Their entire wedding theme in East Aurora's Spring Garden (little known treasure) German Event Hall circled around their love of travel. Each table was a country they had been to together and the food, OH the food! Food from almost every continent! Thai, German, Chinese, Jamaican all the way back to good ole' La Nova pizza & wings. Let's just say I may have put myself into a food coma. You'd think this was the last of the surprises but no! Remember the Mr. Softee ice cream truck? Yeah, well he was invited to this glorious celebration too. And you better believe I got a twist with rainbow sprinkles. Spring Gardens is this little paradise hidden in the woods and I am so incredibly grateful that Garrett and Kira had me there for their incredible day. Round of applause for these newlyweds! 

Theresa & Bradley's Avanti Mansion Celebration!

Theresa & Bradley made my work incredibly easy for me on this beautiful June day. Not only was it the start of my wedding season, but one of the first warm days of our summer. As soon as we stepped into Delaware Park for photos, they couldn't help but act the part of newly weds. I hardly even had to pose them! The love that flowed between the two of them was natural and translated that way through our photos together. They even sat with me with some of the most interesting & funny guests I had the pleasure of sharing dinner with! You know who you are ;) 

A big round of congratulations to T & B! 

Hollis & Tom's Intimate Ceremony

I couldn't be more honored to have been a part of Tom & Hollis's wedding day. Their vows were sweet, honest and straight from their hearts. The two of them truly found their other halves within one another and that much was apparent. Her daughter made a speech during the ceremony where she had said "Thank you Tom for bringing back my mom. I hadn't realized how much I missed her." Those words resonated with me. While it is absolutely possible to be happy and fulfilled being single, there is so much joy in finding another person to share those moments with. No matter what age, race or ethnicity you are, we all deserve genuine love.

Grace & Rich's wedding at the Saturn Club

These two really made the end of my season an absolute pleasure. Rich & Grace are both very humble and kind hearted. Their love for each other wasn't boastful but swept through the room like a gentle breeze. There were no big events or loud gestures, just a simple ceremony with a small group of friends and family to witness one of the best days of their lives. I had such a wonderful time capturing the natural charisma of these two and I couldn't hide the excitement on my face when I found out there was a make your own sundae bar. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth that I won't be ashamed of! Thank you again Grace & Rich for having me on your special day! 

Kaylee & Ryan's Lakeside Wedding at the Otesaga, Cooperstown NY

I grew up in the Mohawk Valley but have relocated to Buffalo for the past six years. I'm always ecstatic when I have an excuse to come home. And especially when its for a storybook wedding like Kaylee & Ryan's. I have fond memories of Cooperstown from my childhood, so when Kaylee told me the location; I was ready! The entire day was humble, the love they shared was nurtured and real. We couldn't have asked for a better day or location. But what I can say caught me off guard was how good a dancer Kaylee is! Her and Ryan choreographed their first dance and went from the jive all the way to the dirty dancing move. Did I mention I have a terrible sweet tooth? This was my downfall in the night because they had an ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to all different types of pastries beyond your imagination. I might have gained five pounds but gained yet another heartfelt memory that love exists in all pockets of the world. You just have to be looking for it.  


Nick & Leah's Big Day at Kloc's Grove

Where do I start? Leah & Nick both have such large personalities, but together? They are electric. They were so goofy and more importantly, just so, so happy on their wedding day. Leah cried about 100 times (happy tears!) and made sure to make everyone else cry too. But how in the world do you top your groom running in for his introduction in a giant, blowup T-Rex costume? I'll tell you how. When Leah snuck a Smirnoff Ice under her dress to "Ice" Nick during their garter ceremony. I couldn't stop laughing for most of the day as I'm sure neither could anyone else. These two are truly one of the most fun loving couples I have met to date. I couldn't be happier to have been able to witness such a blissful day. 

Elise & Erich Get Hitched at Knox Farms, East Aurora NY

My oh my,  I can't even to begin to describe how beautiful Erich & Elise's wedding was last month. Thankfully I don't have to because my writing skills is not how I pay the bills! The entire day was really relaxed with an airiness of simplistic, yet beautiful aesthetics that Elise, I'm sure painstakingly picked out. Most of all, these two are high school sweethearts! Can you believe it? In attendance of all their friends and family, these two made a commitment to each other legally although it was obvious they had long before this day. You want to know my favorite part though? Their family has a little tradition that began 16 couples ago. Pictured below is a velvet Elvis painting that was originally given to a couple as a wedding gift. Now it get's passed on to whoever marries next! Each person signs the back and would you believe..... Everyone who has had this painting, is still married! Good luck charm? I think so. I hope Elvis brings you both a little luck and happiness, although I'm sure you won't need it!