The Woltz's Family Session at Akron Falls Park

I've known Raelyn and Hanna for almost 8 years now. We met back in the glory days of our early college years and have stayed friends ever since. I love all my clients equally but their family is just so goofy and such a pleasure to be around. We spent the day strolling (and sweating) in Akron Falls Park yesterday while everyone in the group made sure to make us all laugh and make us forget about the heat a little bit. Thanks again to the Woltz's for having me capture their beautiful family! 


Halloween at the Wintles

Halloween is a holiday that is taken very seriously at our household. My dad spends days in preparation to completely deck out the house with new ideas every year. He slaves away carving upwards to 25 pumpkins. He's been doing this ever since I can remember. We are always the first house on every trick or treaters list. That's half because of my dads intricate decorations but also half because we give out the best things! From baseball cards, to vampire teeth, to traditional candy all the way to beanie babies. My mom stocks up on toys all year long to have for this one night. Ok, enough bragging. We REALLY like Halloween. This year was Jack's (my nephew) first Halloween as well as his cousin Celia's. All the family came over as usual and like always, I feel the need to make everything into a photoshoot. Here's what our night looked like! 

Lexi's Bridal Shower

Lexi had a wonderful team of family and friends who orchestrated her bridal shower this past Saturday at the Rue Franklin in Buffalo, NY. Roses flown in from Florida, chocolates imported from France, no detail was spared! There was joy and a coming together between two families which I was honored to witness. Here are some photos from her day!

Escaping to East Aurora, NY

I had the pleasure of spending all of my Saturday afternoon in the quaint town of East Aurora with a few of my friends. Living in the city of Buffalo has its perks, buts its nice to escape the city bustle every now and again. We found ourselves first at Aurora Brew Works which is a craft beer store that has a few wonderful selections on tap to enjoy while you browse their large inventory. You can find anything from a Bourbon Peach Brew to a Ghost Chili Pepper infused one. (Side note: I tried said Ghost Chili Beer and while I'm proud to say I could handle the heat, the stomach ache I could not.) After enjoying a few here, we made our way next door to the infamous Bar Bill restaurant. In my opinion, they have the best wings in the Buffalo area. All in all, we had a wonderful day filled with laughter and good old fashioned fun. Here's a few snaps of our day.