Krista's 4th of July Color Me Happy Family Session in Elma, NY

Krista contacted me a few weeks ago asking me if I was available for her family fourth of July party. They were coming in from out of town and wanted someone to document this crazy idea she had and I couldn't have jumped on this quicker. She had everything laid out when I showed up, paint, brushes & colored dust. After some "clean" formal family portraits, Krista gave the go ahead and thats when the chaos ensued. There was paint EVERYWHERE. Flying through the air, I dodged streams of acrylic and then BAM, bursts of hi-lighter colored dust coming from far left. Imagine twenty plus adults running & screaming with the largest smiles plastered onto their faces.  It's good to let go every once and awhile and let that inner child out. It was an absolute pleasure to witness. The kids however weren't as impressed with this activity. Thank you again Krista for letting my document this absolutely insane, colorful and beautiful day with your family. You guys are the best!