Kira & Garrett's International Wedding at Spring Garden in East Aurora, NY

Where do I even start?! Not only was this wedding absolutely awesome in hundreds of different ways but Kira & Garrett happen to be my landlords too! I hadn't realized that these two are truly world travelers. Their entire wedding theme in East Aurora's Spring Garden (little known treasure) German Event Hall circled around their love of travel. Each table was a country they had been to together and the food, OH the food! Food from almost every continent! Thai, German, Chinese, Jamaican all the way back to good ole' La Nova pizza & wings. Let's just say I may have put myself into a food coma. You'd think this was the last of the surprises but no! Remember the Mr. Softee ice cream truck? Yeah, well he was invited to this glorious celebration too. And you better believe I got a twist with rainbow sprinkles. Spring Gardens is this little paradise hidden in the woods and I am so incredibly grateful that Garrett and Kira had me there for their incredible day. Round of applause for these newlyweds!